Strip shape

BFI roll (flatness roll)

The shape determines the quality

The BFI shapemeter rolls that we produce under licence from the  VDEh-Betriebsforschungsinstitut (BFI) have a solid roll body with a homogeneous steel surface. They are normally installed instead of existing deflector rolls.

At a glance:

  • Installed instead of a deflector roll
  • Simple integration
  • Closed roll surface

Individual adaptation

With individually manufactured diameters of between 200 and 600 mm, the BFI flatness roll can be integrated into practically any mill stand instead of deflector rolls. The outer surface of the flatness roll body is absolutely homogeneous and can be reground on all standard roll grinding machines.

The width of the measuring zones can be freely selected above 17 mm. The number of zones that the rolls have can be adapted to the specific needs of the application.

Vollmer supplies the shapemeter rolls with different surface finishes: steel, tungsten carbide, plastic or chrome. We also offer a special solution for measurements on wedge-shaped strip. It ensures that the flatness of the strips is measured correctly even though transversal stresses are created in the strip during coiling.

The digital BFI roll

The BFI flatness roll can be easily integrated into the user’s digital world: communication with the mill process control system is via TCP/IP. Parameterization of the software and the design of the display will be completely web-based in the future. Every device with a web browser in the same network as the shape computer – be it a PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone – can display the measurement data.

The principle

The BFI measuring rolls use piezoelectric pressure gauges which – spread over the width of the strip – are installed in bores under the flatness roll surface. They measure the strip tension distribution as the strip passes over the shapemeter roll.

Permanently reliable

The telemetric data transmission from the flatness roll – without slip rings – ensures reliable and practically maintenance-free operation. The BFI flatness rolls need neither compressed air nor water.